Define your type of sound, with UpSound

UpSound lets you create your sounds with your style.
Thats what we call freedom of sound!


Schedule your timeline with UpSound and start streaming

U can start any type of content with UpSound. Create your channel, start streaming, target your audience with our unique streaming tools.

User Integration

You can contact with your audience while you are live and interact with them through the chat feature.

Host Your Guests

You can even start streaming with your guests too. Its up to your imagination.

Easy setup and management

UpSound allow you to manage your podcasts and streaming timeline with a unique seamless dashboard. You can also connect your podcasts with Youtube, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud and many more of the popular podcast platforms!

Covers, Albums, Tracks

You can also create music and creative content with editor programs like Traktor and join it with UpSound

Cloud Based Marketplace

All your records are stored in UpUdate's fast and secure servers. You can even sell your unique voice contents.

The best solution to the creation of sound content

Listen to music, your friend, your associates, a professional, a phenomenon, a bird, a river. Anything.