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With UpNews, read, write, listen or watch the content.

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How it works

Simply create content by writing, voice or video.


The main idea of UpNews is that it keeps us up to date and informed in regards to anything we choose to informed about.


The main concept enables individuals and news agencies to report or write in various aspects that are or have taken place within the world. News and article related blogs etc.


On UpNews people and agencies can begin to build campaigns on supportive initiatives around the world such as various types of foundations.

What is UpNews

informative content

informative reading

UpNews gives you the tools for being your own news creator or article writer. You can read and watch other media from companies and indivuduals alike.


Follow your own type of news

With UpNews, we enable our content creators to build and target their own specific audience. Writers and creators can further create textual, video graphics and audio news to make a seamless informative experience, for a different variety of individuals.