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UpUdate is a Super App concept that has 7 multiple sections within one platform, designed uniquely for each section's own demographic and audience. In UpUdate U choose what you want to use and enjoy, a true (Lifestyle) platform. A platform that can be good for every living style. Use one section or two or all of them, it's all up to U.

About UpUdate

Different lifestyles, different stories, emotions and much more... In one single platform

We providing unique social experience in a form which you define. You do not have to see every aspect of what UpUdate provides. You can seperate all the experiences with our sections based on your needs and your wants

Media & Fun



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Inspired design for new digital experience of social media

UpUdate is a new way of social interaction. Its basically more than event that. It's a lifestyle app, a super app. With its unique sections you can enjoy various experiences. We are excited to share with you all the stories in regards to UpUdate and finally the platform itself.

A new approach to media

With UpUdate you have the potential to express your talents and your creativity to a wider and unique range of audience.

Measure your impact

You can measure your brand and businesses impact over your sector with a fresh user experience.

Targeted User

UpUdate aims for seperation amongs its user base in each section. We believe that each section deserves its own independent value.

Be active, be productive

In UpUdate, all sections have a unique reward mechanism for users to gain points which can be later used within the platform or to cashup


How did we create this amazing platform

We have a simple mission: to create a much better, efficient and enjoyable platform, as a lifestyle.

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