UpUdate is Here

Let's start fresh. We believe that the social media experience as we all know it today must change. This repetitive like, share, comment triangle has a problem in today’s world. All this does is it creates a wall around our social life that retains us from experiencing the REAL social. This path leads people to just become a sharing and liking mechanism to serve a “Person as a Service” within the so-called social media platforms. There is just a feed page or a wall page that tries to keep us in this magical loop outside of the typical triangle of liking, commenting and sharing that we have all become accustomed to. As we all know, there are many different apps out in the world that serve our different moods. We, the users listen from one app, watch from one, and read from another one..

But does it always have to stay that way? Couldn’t it be more different and rebellious? Will it continue like this forever? 

We said no. We have a very different idea, in order to create a transitional change from this triangle world into a bundle universe. So we introduced a lifestyle, an end to end ecosystem that allows users to do whatever they want in the way that they want. We took the step of taking action and acting upon what we complained about and criticized in the stereotypical world of social media that we all know, and that finally resulted into something new and different, which is exactly what “UpUdate” is. 

So, we started drawing and brainstorming on a lot of papers, we had long and efficient think tank moments on whiteboards, on walls and even on tables. We searched a lot, checked a lot, compared a lot. After all of this work, we came up with a unique idea that can serve as a lifestyle app, or better yet as a super app. Again, it is a lifestyle app. It is not an app that you use for your free time or just for fun. It’s an app for every aspect of your life.

We divided this bundle universe from each other and called them sections. In the “UpUdate” world, you do not have to see any of the content that you are not in the mood for. We divided fun, shopping, watching, listening, serving, inspiring, and the reading experience from one another. Whatever the mood you are in, just use that section of the app. 

We promise, anything that you are not interested in, won't be there. We promise “UpUdate” will be a new way of socializing in the way that you have never experienced before.

If you want to read news, papers or articles, “UpNews” section is there for you. If you want to start a streaming video for your trip, “UpStream” is the section you can use. On “UpCast”, you can enjoy a different way of podcasting. “UpShop” is one of the comprehensive sections of “UpUdate” that you can use to enjoy the shopping experience with a new format such as “social shopping”. If you want to find a service for your needs or if you want to put your skills to the test with sophisticated tools that make it all seamless, “UpServe” is the section that you should use.

Shortly and lastly, there is always a choice that underlines your individuality for you to use UpUdate in your daily life. We created a lifestyle app not just any app. But we also want to show you that you do not need to use several apps to fulfill your needs as a user. You have aspects, you have moods, you have feelings, you have circles, you have styles. So does “UpUdate”.

Nowadays, we are putting all of our effort in delivering the most diverse and the most rebellious product for the world. This manifest should tell the world that tomorrow will be different, tomorrow is what “U” make it! That is the true “UpUdate” experience
We can’t wait to share all of our awesome stories with you. 
Join our waitlist and wait to be amazed for the next big thing.

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